How to make a VC fund deck?

  • Fund Executive Summary — High Level Fund Mandate
  • Fund Thesis—Investment Strategy
  • About Partners — Summary of the Founders/General Partners
  • Market need — Gaps in current ecosystem
  • Thesis Proof — Prior deals in similar markets
  • Partner Traction — Angel investments, mentorship, boards
  • Investment Traction — Deal cases and their outcomes
  • Investment Strategy — Deal terms, follow on capital and deal exit plans
  • Pipeline Strategy — Deal flow sourcing & ecosystem partnerships
  • Due Diligence Strategy — Financial, Legal, Team, Technology, Market
  • Fund Infrastructure — Legal,Reporting periods & LP payback plan
  • Support Unfair Advantages — Networks, Expertise, Partnership, Next investors
  • Venture Team — The support team
  • Macro Opportunity — TAM and IRR targets
  • North Star Deals — Create FOMO
  • LP Target — Type, Size, Rolling vs. Committed
  • The Ask — Target Raise & Investor minimums



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